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"Go quickly and tell...that He is risen from the dead!" — Matthew 28:7

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Training Evangelistic Leadership, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.

TEL missionaries are supported by faith through the gifts of churches and Christian friends. Each missionary or couple is responsible to raise their own support. Missionaries also raise support for national workers who labor with us. TEL missionaries try to live as conservatively as possible in order to minimize expenses so as to help advance the gospel through your gifts.

As an organization, TEL also has expenses. There are the day-to-day expenses of running the organization, support for national evangelists and other special expenses. TEL has three main sources of income: materials sales, an administrative fee charged to each missionary, and gifts from faithful donors. Gifts designated “Where Needed Most” are always welcome.

If you have any questions related to supporting TEL, how to set up a monthly draft, or where gifts are most needed, please call Sean Collins at (512) 256-1499.

Automatic Withdrawals

It is also possible to have a monthly draft made through your checking account via ACH if this is more convenient for you. You can download, complete and mail the ACH authorization form back to the address above to set it up. Please also include a note indicating to which country (national staff team) or missionary you would like your gift credited.

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You can also donate securely online through PayPal, even if you don't have a PayPal account. It is safe, and all your information will be kept confidential. You will need to include an address where we can send your tax deductible receipt. Use the field at right to send a one-time gift to the missionary or country (TEL national evangelists) of your choice; otherwise, your gift will be applied “Where Needed Most.” You can specify the amount of your gift and confirm all details once you click “Donate.”

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If you would like to donate automatically on a recurring monthly basis, we now offer that option. Simply use the small form at right to choose the amount you'd like to donate each month, and enter the name of the missionary or country to which you'd like your gift directed (or leave it blank to give “Where Needed Most”). If you do not already have a PayPal account, you will need to set one up (where available) during the checkout process. To have other amounts added to the dropdown list, please send us an email with the amount you'd like added.

By Check

If you would like to contribute financially either to support a missionary or the national workers in a particular country, please send a check with the designation of the missionary or the country whose national workers you would like to support to the following address:

Training Evangelistic Leadership
PO Drawer E
Denton, TX 76202-1650

Thanks very much for helping reach Asians for Christ through your prayers and financial support!

Work with Us

Our Vision

Motivated by Christ’s Great Commission to preach the gospel to every creature, Training Evangelistic Leadership’s primary objective is to recruit, train, and send forth local Gospel teams that reap public decisions for Christ with personalized follow-up. In countries where public preaching is possible, teams are sent forth to publicly proclaim the gospel. In others, personal evangelism is emphasized. Emphasis is always placed on shepherding those who make decisions for Christ into local churches.

TEL teams operate with three primary ministry distinctives:

  1. SERVING the national culture and local society by leaving the fruit of our evangelism and follow-up within the local churches.
  2. BLENDING missionaries and nationals together with equal status and opportunities into a mutually uplifting relationship.
  3. CONTINUING our missionaries on a lifelong basis by their bonding with the language and culture and continuing to develop a living fellowship with Jesus Christ.

TEL labors to train Asian evangelists for the harvest in a home environment. We apply Mark 3:14 by inviting Asians to live “with us” in full-time training programs of several months duration, where they are quipped both in the classroom and on the job for effective evangelistic ministry. Graduates of TEL training programs serve in churches, mission agencies, and as TEL staff. TEL also helps equip church leaders in effective evangelism and disciplemaking through training seminars.

In addition to team evangelistic ministry, all TEL missionaries and national workers labor to multiply their witness through personal disciplemaking.

TEL Ministry
About TEL

Our Origins

Training Evangelistic Leadership (TEL) was launched in Singapore in 1970 by Rev. Roy Robertson out a recognized need to develop more full-time Asian evangelists. He invited six men from five Asian countries to live in his home for a year to receive on-the-job training in evangelistic ministry. The vision of TEL continued to expand as Roy and his wife Phyllis conducted similar training programs through homes in Japan, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines.

TEL was initially formed by Roy as a project of The Navigators but has since become an independent mission agency that operates with an international board of directors in Denton, TX. Roy, who founded and continues to serve as International Director of TEL, sailed to China in 1948 having been appointed The Navigators’ first missionary by the organization’s founder Dawson Trotman. Roy labored in the ministry of evangelism and disciplemaking through The Navigators in many Asian countries until his retirement in 1986. Upon his retirement, Roy renewed his commitment to continue the ministry of evangelism and training in Asia full-time through TEL. The resultant fruit of that commitment, TEL is now a mission agency which is blend of about half international missionaries and half national workers operating in multiple Asian countries and in the United States.

TEL continues to labor in South and Southeast Asia with a vision to preach the gospel to every creature through direct proclamation and through training others who also desire to labor in this vision. The harvest is still ripe in Asia and TEL is trusting God for full-time missionaries whom God has called to help complete the work of evangelism in Asia through serving in gospel teams and training others to do the same.

For information about serving with TEL, please see our Service Opportunities.

About TEL
TEL Resources

TEL Resources

TEL's ministry is to help equip God's people for effective ministry to others through evangelism and discipleship. Toward that end, we offer several types of materials for purchase and some of our overseas materials for direct download. Thanks to Discipleship Library (External Link), we are also pleased to make available many of Roy Robertson's messages from his 50+ years of missionary service.

May the Lord be glorified, His Gospel proclaimed and His Kingdom advanced through the use of all these resources.

TEL Resources
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