Training Evangelistic Leadership

Dear Friends and Supporters of TEL,

Blessings from Austin Texas. I have some important news to share with you about the ministry of Training Evangelistic Leadership.

In 2021 after prayerfully discussing and evaluating the long-term viability of the organization the TEL Board decided that we will exit the ministry in 2023. There was no crisis that forced this but rather a realization that due to our size and structure the mission was not sustainable for the long term for the missionary staff.

So, after more than 30 years as an organization, TEL will the close its doors in 2023. As a result of this January 2023 is the last month that donations can be received for the missionaries or for the general fund.

If you are supporting one of the missionary staff you may have already heard from them the plans they have as TEL exits. If you have questions about the plans of any of the missionary staff and their need for support in their next ministry please contact them directly. TEL will continue to accept financial donations only through January 31, 2023.

On behalf of myself, the board and our staff I express gratitude to you for your faithfulness support. The way that God has provided for us through you, our ministry partners, has been testament to His faithfulness for which a am very thankful.

Many Blessings,
- Sean Collins


We would be glad to answer any questions that you may have about Training Evangelistic Leadership. You can reach us by email, phone, or mail as follows:

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